Chassis Repair

Many of the heavy-duty components in your chassis equipment will last a long time -- some will even last indefinitely. Given the high cost of new and late-model pre-owned rigs, it is often ideal to refurbish your truck chassis rather than replace it. Unpredictable economic conditions often make refurbishment a safer, wiser choice.

Container Repair

Whether your trailer is fabricated from steel, aluminum or a combination of both, our team can perform the trailer repairs you need to get your equipment back to generating maximum revenue. Even though semi-trailers are designed for rugged, long-term use, repairs due to damage or metal fatigue are still common. Problems with cracked or corroded metal need to be promptly diagnosed and corrected. Our team can replace parts and weld components as needed. Suspension components are vulnerable both to wear-and-tear and damage from flying objects. Our team will also repair or replace exposed components like bumpers, air hoses, lamps and sockets.