List of open positions

Chassis Mechanics (Full-time)


Must be FMCSA certified

Must be able to perform FMCSA inspection and repairs according to DOT regulations.

Must be able to competently complete Wheel end repairs, (wheel seals, tires, cam shafts, etc.) without supervision.

Tires (10.00-20, 11X22.5, 11R22.5).

Must be able to work on Electrical (marker lights, wiring & troubleshooting, etc.) Locking devices (Pins, twist-locks, latches, keepers, slider assemblies).

Landing legs & braces. Suspensions (adjustable/nonadjustable radius rods, spring hangers/equalizers, misc. brackets).

Air system (air valves, air chambers, air lines/hoses, troubleshooting ABS systems).

Structural (welding, cutting, inserting, etc.).

Cross members/Floor supports (Replacements/insert, straighten)


We offer flexible hours, company insurance, paid time off, 401K and other various benefits. 2 years on the job experience preferred but will train the right candidates.

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