Safety Culture

Workplace Safety

A key measure of our success is sending every employee home safe every day. This requires an unyielding commitment to safety and each other, from all people at CPI Enterprises. To ensure a safe and healthy workplace, we start with a foundation of proven programs that are consistent with our safety culture that is focused on continuous improvement in our safety performance.

Our Commitments

We have set a series of goals for safety, and we continue to make steady improvement to reduce injuries. We committed zero workplace fatalities by improving our hazard identification method and proactively taking active steps to correct it

Our Actions

CPI Enterprises continues to enhance our foundational safety programming through our focus on Life-altering Injury and Fatality Elimination. This program is aimed at identifying and addressing life-threatening dangers hidden in our tasks and workplace to ensure every job can be done safely and every person goes home safe every day.

LIFE Enhancers

These are activities that present the highest-risk to employees across our operations. Each activity identifies key risks and minimum requirements for performing these activities safely. We work very hard to identify and eliminate redundant processes and actions that may pose risks to our employees. Our philosophy is approaching safety from risk standpoint. By eliminating risks associated with these activities, we also eliminate the chances of serious injuries or fatalities.

Brother’s Keeper!

We have developed a culture that holds strongly to the phrase “You are your brother’s keeper” SEE! SAY! STOP! Safety culture is strong across CPI, each employee is oriented to understand basic safety standards.